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Father and sonNavajo girl

Since we sent our first Appeal Letter out last week, 28 sponsors have donated $6,258! Thank you to all that have done such a wonderful job so far!

We have 201 families, 605 children, and 112 grandparents on our list. Only 39 families can be sponsored based on current donations (less than 20% of 201 referrals). What do we do with our 162 unsponsored families? Do we say to school partners, “Sorry, we can only sponsor 2 families out of all your referrals”?

Or do we eliminate ALL Holiday Food Baskets & provide only gifts to children?

In all our seasons (24) we have been serving our Navajo Communities, you have “stepped up” to provide what was necessary. We encourage you to be part of ALL our families’ Joy!

We will begin purchasing 605 gifts for our children this Tuesday. Then we are out of funds.

Please give by using the Donate button below – or visit the Donate page for more information on how you can give.