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Christmas Joy for 2016

Happy boys
Through our sponsors’ generosity, we have been able to provide Christmas Joy to 216 families (the “16” doesn’t escape our notice)! That is the largest number of families over our 23 years!

Thank you!

Santa also brought gifts to, wait for it, …. Between 650-700 children! Our count maybe higher as we “found” other kids in the camps we were in.

Thank you!

We raised close to $15,000, which is just remarkable!

Thank you!

Which of course allowed us to move ahead with the large family numbers.

We have funds available to pay our utilities & fuel costs for our volunteers’ vehicle.

We had a healthy influx of new donors, private, church, & corporate. We will recognize them all in the New Year.

Thank you!

Our volunteer Elves managed to wrap, tag & bag all 650+ gifts a full week before distribution/delivery was upon us. Every year they continue to amaze through innovative, efficient skills!

Thank you!

On behalf of our team, children, & families in Eastern Navajo

Thank you!

Merry Christmas to those near & far

And a most bodacious 2017!


Kathy Spitz & NCD Elves

Snow in Navajo Land

Winter in Navajo Land

A message from Kathy…

We have had 48 hours of snow!

Just beautiful!

Bitter cold at night; single digits.

Predictably, this means our families needing food, shelter, heating supplies (wood, coal, propane) become frantic trying to obtain these resources.

It also means people dying from exposure, both on and off the reservation, will increase dramatically.

It is a tough life for so many.

Can you help – Donate today.